Hey Googler! It is #Time2Connect with Ayuda en Acción.

In a world with a lot at strike and full of challenges, we need to act together and connect our commitment and efforts to people who need it most.
It’s all about connecting!

In Ayuda en Acción, we strongly believe in innovation as an ally to transform people’s lives and achieve a better future for all.

When there is a connection... success happens!

In Honduras, where families make a living from small-scale fishing, we design a solar-powered water pumping system, which allows the fish to be kept alive until delivery and sale. A solution to increase their income and reduce carbon footprint.

Mamugah (Honduras)

The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the global shortage of ventilators. In order to support hospitals in countries that have difficulty in obtaining them, we design a low-cost, open-source mechanical ventilator and networked with several technology and healthcare companies for production and distribution.

Ventilators for COVID

In Colombia the drying of cocoa beans is done in propane gas ovens, which is difficult to obtain and expensive for the families. We create specific boxes in which beans are dried by the sun's rays and that allow the air to be renewed.

Cocoa in Tumaco (Colombia)